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WS-200T horizontal directional drilling rig

Traveling track adopts high-strength rubber track chassis, easy to move around the field
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    • Commodity name: WS-200T horizontal directional drilling rig
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    Traveling track adopts high-strength rubber track chassis, easy to move around the field

    Features of WS series horizontal directional drilling rig from Wiseport

    The hydraulic system adopts independent heat dissipation device with adjustable wind speed and fast heat dissipation, which can reduce the wear of hydraulic components and avoid the leakage of seals, so that the hydraulic system can ensure the normal and stable work for a long time even under the high temperature climate, and its hydraulic system can improve the working efficiency by 15%-20% compared with the traditional hydraulic system, reduce the heat generation in the system by 50%, which can save energy by 15%-20%.

    Rotation, pushing and pulling adopt the American Saar automatic variable system with pilot control.

    The beam adopts a large angle adjustment structure, which greatly improves the range of incidence, and at the same time ensures that the large angle is the drill crawler does not need to leave the ground, improving safety performance.

    The cab adopts integrated design, easy to operate, beautiful and generous, panoramic visualization, equipped with air conditioner, the seat is made of high/grade leather engineering seat, comfortable and high/end, the operation desk is set up with the main instruments, switches, operation handles and other main open controllers of the rig according to the conventional use habits, the line of sight is good and convenient to operate.

    The drill pipe loading and unloading adopts the flip angle jumpable mechanical arm mechanism, which is convenient and quick to load and unload the drill pipe, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the construction personnel and improving the working efficiency.

    Wire-controlled walking system ensures the safety of personnel and equipment during the walking process.

    Push and pull adopts large modulus gear a rack, long service life, high efficiency, smooth work and convenient maintenance.

    Power head torque, fast speed, there are high and low also adjust, give into a lot of strength, give into the speed, there are high and low speed two adjustable, greatly improving the work efficiency.

    Feeding frame is box type control, not easy to wear, not easy to deformation, no gap between the two sides and up and down, not easy to damage the hostage.

    The oil pipe is imported Italian brand, equipped with protective sleeve to reduce friction.

    Oil pump is connected by flexible shaft, not easy to damage the oil pump spindle.

    The power head adopts sliding rod device, which effectively protects the drilling rod fillet, reduces the wear of the fillet and improves the efficiency of rod changing of the power head

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