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WS-90-180T horizontal directional drilling rig

Equipped with turbocharged engine, strong power, stable performance and fuel consumption 10%-20% lower than other engines.
  • Product description
    • Commodity name: WS-90-180T horizontal directional drilling rig
    • Commodity ID: WS-90-180T horizontal directiona

    Equipped with turbocharged engine, strong power, stable performance and fuel consumption 10%-20% lower than other engines.

    I. Main technical parameters.

    Whole machine mass: 20000kg

    Dimension: 9800×2500×3100

    Push-pull force: 900KN/1800KN

    Torque: 45000Nm

    Pushing and pulling speed:55m/min

    Main shaft speed:120r/min

    Engine power: 296kW

    Mud pump pump flow: 1000L/min

    Crawler travel speed: 3-5km/H

    Mud pump pressure: 10MPa

    Angle of soil entry: 8-19°

    Climbing degree: 20°

    Reaming hole diameter: 1600mm (according to geological condition)

    Construction distance: 1000m (according to the geological condition)

    Second, the main configuration

    1、Special engine for Cummins construction machinery.

    2、U.S. Saar closed type hydraulic system: closed type variable pump.

    3、Power head pushing and pulling reserved for force enhancement.

    4、3T truck-mounted crane.

    5、Liftable panoramic cab with heating and cooling air conditioning.

    6、With wireless and wired guidance.

    7、Crawler line control walking, fast speed and good stability.

    8、Equipped with flushing water gun.

    Third, the main performance characteristics

    1、Configuration of turbocharged engine, strong power, stable performance, fuel consumption lower than other engines 10% -20%.

    2, the United States Saarland closed variable hydraulic system, large flow, good dirt resistance, long life, safety and reliability.

    3, the configuration of imported electric proportional motor, gear transmission structure is simple, reliable performance, pushing and pulling stepless variable speed, industry-leading efficiency; power head reserved to increase the force (push and pull), pushing and pulling force up to 1800kN.

    4, configuration of imported electric proportional motor, rotation stepless variable speed, greatly improving the efficiency of work.

    5, Korea excavator motor, walking speed up to 5km / h, short distance transfer without loading.

    6. low center of the gripper, which not only effectively protects the drill pipe, but also occupies little space for construction; the front and rear grippers can be separated; the gripper can be replaced with corresponding clamping blocks according to the specifications of the drill pipe.

    7、The power head floats, which is conducive to protecting the drill pipe fillet.

    8、Adopting a four-link variable amplitude mechanism, with a wide range of angle change (0°~18°), low center of gravity of the drilling rig and good stability.

    9、Wire-controlled proportional travel system to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, convenient and quick travel, transfer and loading/unloading.

    10、Vehicle-mounted operation room with large space, liftable, equipped with cooling and heating air conditioning.

    11, LCD man-machine interaction system, real-time monitoring, adjusting the status of equipment, easier and more comfortable operation.

    12, intelligent program control system, comfortable control, stable performance, and has a strong functional expansion.

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