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WS-45T horizontal directional drilling rig

Torque 29000NM, WS series strong push models
  • Product description
    • Commodity name: WS-45T horizontal directional drilling rig
    • Commodity ID: WS-45T horizontal directional dr

    Torque 29000NM, WS series strong push models

    Main technical parameters


    Engine brand. Cummins
    Engine power. 194KW / 2200r
    Push-pull force. 500 KN
    Push-pull speed. 45 m/Mi n
    Torque. 29000 N.m
    Main shaft speed. 0-120 r/min
    Mud pump flow rate. 600 L/min
    Mud pump pressure. 10 Mpa
    Angle of entry. 12-20°
    Back-expansion diameter. φ1200mm
    Drill pipe. φ83*3000mm
    Whole machine mass. 13000kg
    External dimensions. 7200*2300*2500mm


    Main configuration

    1、The power head rotation has two-speed speed regulation function, and the power head pushing and pulling has three-speed regulation function.

    2、Manually operated walking, flexible, convenient and reliable.

    3、Wide view of the operating table.

    4、Domestic high-quality brand on-board mud pump (600L/min).

    Main performance characteristics

    1、Configuration of Dongfeng Cummins engine, strong power, stable performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, more suitable for urban construction.

    2、The power head rotation is directly driven by the high-speed motor of the joint venture company, with high torque and stable performance, and has two stepless speed regulation; the power head pushing and pulling adopts the joint venture company's high-speed motor and pushing and pulling integrated reducer, and the pushing and pulling speed has two gears to choose.

    3、Adopt hydraulic walking drive device, simple and convenient operation, loading and unloading trucks and site transfer fast and convenient.

    4、Wide operating table with ergonomic design and leather seat, which can be moved back and forth, wide visual range, comfortable and convenient operation.

    5、With φ83×3000mm drill pipe, the machine occupies a moderate area, taking into account the requirements of efficient construction and narrow site construction.

    6、Simple circuit design, low failure rate, easy to maintain.

    7、The power head pushing and pulling rotary hydraulic system adopts advanced control technology and hydraulic components, independent heat dissipation system, working efficiently, energy-saving and reliable.

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