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WS-160/240T horizontal directional drilling rig

Configured with turbocharged engine, strong power, stable performance, fuel consumption 20% lower than other engines
  • Product description
    • Commodity name: WS-160/240T horizontal directional drilling rig
    • Commodity ID: WS-160/240T horizontal direction

    Configured with turbocharged engine, strong power, stable performance, fuel consumption 20% lower than other engines

    Main technical parameters


    Engine brand. Cummins
    Engine power. 336KW / 2200r
    Push-pull force. 2400 KN
    Push-pull speed. 47 m/Mi n
    Torque. 80000 N.m
    Main shaft speed. 0-100 r/min
    Mud pump flow rate. 1000 L/min
    Mud pump pressure. 10 Mpa
    Angle of entry. 8-18°
    Back-expansion diameter. φ1600mm
    Drill pipe. φ127*6000mm
    Whole machine mass. 30000kg
    External dimensions. 11800*3000*3500mm


    Main configuration

    1、Hydraulic system adopts closed type system, American variable pump.

    2、3T truck-mounted crane.

    3、Liftable panoramic cab with heating and cooling air conditioning.

    4、Configuration of wireless/wired guidance.

    5、Crawler line control walking, speed two adjustable (high speed, low speed).

    6、Equipped with flushing water gun.

    Main performance characteristics

    1, using closed hydraulic system: energy saving, efficiency, long life, high reliability.

    2, configured with turbocharged engine, strong power, stable performance, fuel consumption lower than other engines 20%.

    3, configured with imported electric proportional hydraulic motor, rack and pinion drive, simple structure, high efficiency, pushing and pulling, rotating stepless variable speed, pushing and pulling force up to 2400kN.

    4, using Korean excavator double-speed motor, walking speed up to 6km / h, short distance transfer without loading.

    5、The center of the gripper is lower, not only energy-efficient to protect the drill pipe, but also the construction footprint is smaller; the front and rear grippers can be separated, and the corresponding gripper blocks can be replaced according to the drill pipe specifications.

    6、The power head can be floated, which is conducive to protecting the drill pipe fillet.

    7、Adopting four-linked rod amplitude change mechanism: large range of angle change, low center of gravity, good stability of equipment.

    8、Wire-controlled walking system to ensure safe and quick walking, loading and unloading and transferring.

    9, intelligent program control system, comfortable control, stable performance, with strong functional expansion.

    10、The cab is spacious, liftable and equipped with cooling and heating air conditioning.

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