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WS-50T horizontal trenching drilling rig

Micro drilling rig that can go down and work in tight spaces
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    • Commodity name: WS-50T horizontal trenching drilling rig
    • Commodity ID: WS-50T horizontal trenching dril

    Micro drilling rig that can go down and work in tight spaces

    一、Main technical parameters.

    Drill Pipe Specifications


    Well Diameter


    Output torque.


    Mainframe weight


    Re-expanding hole diameter

    Ф1200mm(according to geological conditions)

    Drilling rig back drag force


    Output speed:


    Drilling feed force


    II. Supporting requirements

    WS-50 pit drilling rig needs to be equipped with hydraulic pumping station, drilling rod and drilling tools by users. Among them, the hydraulic station can use the existing horizontal directional drilling rig, but also for other hydraulic power station; hydraulic pumping station needs to provide three independent oil supply circuit. In order to ensure the normal work of the drilling rig, the technical specifications of the hydraulic pumping station are as follows.

    1、Working pressure: ≥30Mpa;

    2, rotating system flow: ≥ 130L/min:

    3, push-pull system flow: ≥ 100L/min.

    4, mud pump system flow: ≥ 100L/min.

    Description: Our company is developing a special hydraulic power station, which is driven by diesel engine, crawler walking chassis, with food mud pump, can be placed on the pit drilling rig and drill pipe, etc.

    In order to ensure that the drill pipe meets the requirements of the pit drilling rig performance, the technical indexes of the drill pipe are required as follows.

    1、Outside diameter≥Φ76mm:2、Effective length≦800mm:3、Rated torque≥15000Nm.

    Our company can supply the supporting drill pipe, which is processed by bar material. Overall quenching and nitriding treatment.

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